Are You Attuned To Wealth Or Poverty?

I have a question for you…

Are you attuned to wealth or poverty?

You see, when your vibration is set for wealth and prosperity, notice how money seems to find you wherever you are. It seems that money falls into your lap almost effortlessly.

However, if you feel poor or in a lack vibration, money won’t find or stick to you no matter what you do.

42809The reason for this is simple.

It’s because the energy you put out is exactly what you’re getting back.

Let me repeat that…


This quantum reality that we are in is forever changing, it’s never stagnant.

Every thought, every impulse, every intention is either pushing us closer to what we want or it is repelling it from us.

In order to attain prosperity and wealth we must vibrate at the same frequency with it. We must feel as if we already have it in order to attain it in our reality.

This is where your imagination comes into it.

You must visualize success. You must visualize prosperity. You must visualize wealth.

By doing so, you actually feel the feelings and the sensation of this reality already, thus attracting more of it to you.

I know it can be very difficult visualizing wealth when wealth is nowhere in sight. But you must have blind faith. You must be persistent and you must believe that somehow, someway, that prosperity is on its way to you now.

If you keep this up, before you know it, your world will reflect prosperity in abundance and it will become easier for you to attract more of it because you will see the physical manifestation of it in your reality.