The Most Important Step In Manifesting Your Dreams!

The most important step when it comes to manifesting your desire with the Law of Attraction is knowing exactly what you want.

It is shocking how many people do not know exactly what they want.

That’s why I keep a journal. Whenever I wish to manifest something I write down, in crystal clear detail, exactly what I desire from the universe. “This is what I want to bring into manifestation…”, then I’ll write down every detail I can think of.

What stops most people is, they don’t see how they can manifest their desires so doubt creeps in.

That’s not your job!

Your job is to know what you want and let the universe bring it to you the best way possible.

2011 was a very rough year for me. I was working a job I hated, I was making little to no money and bills were pilling up.

But, despite all of that I still had a vision for grander things. I could see myself living in prosperity, living in abundance.

In particular, I wanted a black Camaro. So in 2011 I wrote down: “I have a 2013 black SS Camaro”. Every morning I would visualize having it. I would feel the steering wheel behind my fingers every single morning. I held onto that vision.

Fast forward to 2013, my wife Ericka gave me my black SS Camaro.

youarecreators goals

Things may be hard for you right now, but I promise you if you hold to the vision things will manifest. I want you to know, whatever goal you plant in your mind and you water with repetition and visualize often, it eventually has to manifest. It’s a universal law.

You’re not stuck. You’re not lost.

Keep visualizing. Take action. It works!