How Negative Experiences Might Be Blessings In Disguise

Have you ever heard the story of the African farmer?

There was once a successful African farmer that lived with his only son. He loved his son more than life itself and they enjoyed the fruits of their labour. The farmer was very successful since he produced the very best crops in the land and sold them to the highest bidder.

The African farmer was familiar with the power of thoughts and intention, which was the reason for his success. He taught his son all that he knew.

The farmer wanted nothing more than for his son to live a long, healthy, fulfilled life. He declared the following affirmation:

“My son lives a healthy, fulfilled life.”

The farmer even made his son adopt the same affirmation. Everyday, the son would repeat:

“I live a healthy, fulfilled life.”

One day, while working in the field, the horse the son was riding on was startled by a field mouse and knocked the son to the ground, breaking the sons leg in two places.

The farmer was devastated. He cried out and said “How could this tragedy have happened?”

But despite the appearance, the farmer decided to dig in his heels and stay faithful to this affirmation. He continued to declare:

“My son lives a healthy, fulfilled life.”

The very next day, a war broke out in the country the farmer was in and all the young men were required to be drafted in the war. When the officials came to draft the farmers son, they saw that his leg was broken, making him unfit to participate in the war.

The father immediately knew, the thing that he once called a tragedy was actually a blessing in disguise giving him exactly what he asked for.

The moral of the story: If you ask the universe for a desire and something happens that appears to be negative, don’t curse it. It could actually be setting you up for what you asked for.

Sometimes when things fall apart, they’re actually falling together…