How To Plug Into The Source Of All Manifestation

“You can extract from that infinite storehouse within you everything you need in order to live life gloriously, joyously and abundantly.”

– Joseph Murphy

The promise of Law of Attraction is that you can be and do and have whatever you desire, right?

Well, here’s the fine print…

You can be and do and have whatever you desire when you plug in. When you connect with source, God, inner being, higher power.

As a Law of Attraction coach I remind my clients that connection with source is the basis for, not only attracting what they desire, but is also the basis for living a confident, empowered, joyful life.

Plugging in is essential to making the Law of Attraction work for you. Plugging into source energy is the way to transform illness into perfect health, lack and limitation into ever-flowing abundance and painful relationships into relationship bliss.

It’s the way to create the magnificent life you desire and deserve.

Plugging into source energy starts with an understanding of who you really are…

You are a physical extension of source energy with access to all the powers of the boundless universe.

You are a master creator constantly creating your life in exact accord with your thoughts and feelings.

You are an external being worthy of anything and everything you desire because oneness is your natural state. Plugging in is really just a matter of allowing the connection and there are a myriad of ways to allow the connection.

Prayer, meditation, communing with nature…

Whatever feels good to you! The better you feel, the more plugged in you are.

When you plug in you have the full support of your universal partner, no longer trying to do everything by yourself. You become one with all that is, no longer feeling separate and alone. You access your divine inheritance and everything you desire is available to you.

Plugging in is the antidote to powerlessness. By connecting to the inexhaustible power supply of the universe you’re literally empowered to manifest your desires.

Disconnected, you’re power-LESS. Plugged in, you’re power-FULL.

When you plug in to the power source of all that is, you truly can be and do and have whatever you desire!