How To Train Your Mind To Attract What You Desire!

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that our minds create our reality. Everything in the universe is made up of vibrations of energy, including our thoughts.

According to John Kehoe, our thoughts are the most dynamic, fluid substance in the entire universe. Thoughts are a vibration of energy separate and independent of our physical universe and yet it interacts with our physical universe.

One of the most amazing facts to understand is that any thought that is repeated over and over again in the conscious mind will make in imprint in the subconscious mind. Once this imprint in the subconscious mind is created, it then acts like a tuning fork. It begins vibrating and attracting the people, circumstances, events and synchronicity that matches the images that you have within your subconscious.

You have a very real power to influence and direct the things that happen to you using your thoughts. One of the beautiful things about the subconscious mind is that it cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. This means you can program and imprint into your subconscious anything that you choose.

There’s a very famous experiment that was carried out with a group of college students that is the perfect example of this phenomenon. The students were divided in to three groups and tested on their ability to throw a basketball in the basket. The first group was told to come to the gym and practise throwing the basketball in the basket for thirty minutes a day. The second group engaged in no practise at all. The third group would come to the gym without a ball and mentally imagine themselves successfully throwing the basketball in the basket for thirty minutes a day. At the end of the study, they asked the three groups of students to come back and test their skill level again. They discovered that the group that practised physically and the group that practised only mentally in their imagination both improved their success rate equally, by 25%, whereas the group that didn’t practise made no improvement.

So how is this possible? Simple. By practising in their minds over and over and over again successfully shooting the basketball, they imprinted this image of success into their subconscious. Since the subconscious cannot tell the different between what is imagined and what is real, it made all the necessary connections within the nervous system to successfully manifest this skill of shooting the basketball into the basket.

The implications of this go far beyond just sports training. We can use this for attracting more money, better relationships, improving our health and creating exciting experiences. There is no area of your life that cannot be improved by using the power of your mind.

Watch the video above to learn more about techniques such as visualization, seeding, affirmations, acknowledging, recreating new beliefs and so much more from John Kehoe, author of Mind Power Into the 21st Century: Techniques to Harness the Astounding powers of Thought.