Positive Thinking: Using Biblical Principles – Law Of Attraction

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(SN: Im not a religious person , but i’m personally IN LOVE with Jesus Christ. I don’t condone man made religion (Nether did Jesus!) , but I prefer people do their research and find out the true origins of religion. For me, its all about service and love, no matter what religion you follow.)

Dr. Vincent Peale applied Christianity to everyday problems and is the person who is most responsible for bringing psychology into the professing Church, blending its principles into a message of “positive thinking.” Peale said, “through prayer you … make use of the great factor within yourself, the deep subconscious mind … [which Jesus called] the kingdom of God within you … Positive thinking is just another term for faith.” He also wrote, “Your unconscious mind … [has a] power that turns wishes into realities when the wishes are strong enough.”

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