The Power of Thought & Laws of The Universe!- (Law Of Attraction)

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Ernest Holmes (Author) was a Twentieth Century man who desired that all human beings might discover the rewarding awareness of their infinite potential.

Ernest spent a lifetime searching for religious truth, and as a result was inspired to write a sort of “seeker’s handbook” to help others in their search, and benefit them with the truth he had found. His book, The Science of Mind, correlates “the laws of science, the opinions of philosophy, and the revelations of religion applied to the needs and the aspirations of humankind.”

This marriage of science, religion and philosophy was, and still is, a new concept to the world. Even so, Ernest’s efforts lead to the founding of the Institute of Religious Science and The School of Philosophy, Inc., the efficacy of both brought about the Church of Religious Science, later to become the United Church of Religious Science.

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