YouAreCreators Podcast Ep 3: Conversations With A Life Coach – Law Of Attraction

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Maria wrote: I am simply a seeker of truth and knowledge. My life’s purpose is to help you find your purpose. My goal is to help you manifest the life you want.

Since second grade, I’ve always wanted to know the answers to life’s big questions. I was an extremely sensitive child and could feel everything going on around me. Even as a 10 year old, I was analyzing people’s behavior and giving them advice. As a teenager I started meditating without even realizing I was meditating. I received an incredible sense of calm, peace, and focus in my meditations. I went off to college to study psychology because I believed I could help others. After receiving my Masters and working in the field for five years, I was completely burnt out. I still wanted to help people, but knew that therapy was not my path. Through a series of divine interventions, I was lead to the Law of Attraction.

I voraciously studied and practiced the Law of Attraction as well as deepened my meditation practice. My passion lies in helping others and coaching has given me the perfect platform.

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